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Are you looking for a way to jazz up your home? Why not try a circular window. This unique shape is certainly a far cry from the standard angular, rectangle window. With a round window design, you can make a focal point in your home.

Whether you are considering a home renovation or building from the ground up, the circular window deserves some attention. Speak with your designers to assess if you can incorporate this in your home’s theme. It is a worthwhile investment that can amplify your home’s property value.

In this article, you will learn about circular window designs, along with their ten most popular variants. Remember, if you see something you like, a professional window design company can readily custom make it to your specifications. Let’s get started!

Why Choose a Circular Design?

Windows come in different shapes and sizes. However, the most common design that people opt for is the basic rectangle. In fact, this is the default design in most constructions.

Thus, a circular window gives your home a distinct look and fresh appeal. You will find a broad range of circular window styles to liven up your space. Thankfully, they work well with traditional designs like Victorian or Tudor-Style Homes to modern, contemporary structures that give off an industrial vibe.

The circular style will grab attention as it is not run of the mill. But, best of all, it can also provide the following:

  • Tons of natural light
  • Fresh flowing air
  • Architectural interest

What are the Top Round Designs?

Curved windows do not only serve as interesting focal points, but they create beautiful shadows. It will certainly add architectural interest from the inside or outside of your home. Now, let’s look at the ten most popular round windows today.

1. The Circle Window

A circle shape is one of the things you learn even as a child. For this reason, almost anyone can readily recognize a circular window by its curved silhouette and symmetry. Other names for this are:

  • Porthole windows
  • Round windows
  • Full circle windows

If you look around you, you will notice that this variant is mostly in bathrooms, entryways, staircases, or closets. It is perfect for adding more natural light to small and tight spaces.

Besides, circle windows create an impact even if it is a standalone accent. Remember, the circle shape is classic and timeless. The nature of this window makes it an excellent addition to traditional or contemporary themes. It will certainly do wonders in improving the value of both interiors and exteriors.

2. The Hexagon Window

Some may argue that this is an entirely different shape. However, in professional standards, this falls under the circular window category. If you do not recall what this shape looks like, think of a honeycomb.

The hexagon window comes with six straight edges and six angles. Other names for this design are the following:

  • Hexagonal window
  • Six-sided window
  • Honeycomb window

But a name like any other is still as good! Thus, regardless of what you name them, these windows will add charm and class to your home. It first debuted and achieved popularity in the 19th century. In this era, architects utilized them to bring light into an attic.

However, today, designers have incorporated them for entryways and bathrooms. It can stand alone as an independent design feature, or it can use them in a series of three. The trio can either be vertical or horizontal, depending on your home design.

Notably, hexagon windows can be fixed or operable. Both designs will ensure that natural light flows into the room. But the operable version will also add ventilation, assuring fresh air circulates into the space.

3. The Octagon Window

Many people confuse the hexagon and octagon. After all, they are somewhat roundish and come with angular sides. However, the distinct features of the octagon come from its root word “octo,” meaning eight.

Imagine an octopus with eight tentacles! An octagon has eight sides and angles, unlike a hexagon with only six. This unique style is a traditional design rooted in the olden times. Today, it is making a huge comeback as people acknowledge it proffers timeless elegance to any room.

Whether you install this for your bathroom or kitchen, this show-stopping 8-sided window will offer a distinct flair. Apart from that, it will make the room brighter and give it a fresh vibe. Choosing an operable window will also let the breeze in through the house.

If you are striving for a traditional theme, you can add simple grilles to accompany the glass. However, if you want a more contemporary look, opt for the ones without any grilles.

4.The Elliptical Window

Many say that an elliptical window is reminiscent of a half-circle. However, it is a lot wider and more flattened. This window style incorporates a great deal of interest.

Most designers use this to add both an accent and more natural light to exterior or entryway doors. These arches work well in the following areas:

  • On top of the front doors
  • With large combination windows
  • Adorning patio doors

For example, if you put this elliptical window in your front door with sidelights, you craft an umbrella-type look the unifies all the design details. Many homeowners choose to incorporate grilles with arch windows. It makes for an interesting pattern and breaks up the stream of light, resulting in cool shadows. Though this is seen more as a traditional style, it will never grow old.

5. The Half Elliptical Window

This does exactly as its name says, splitting the shape of a full elliptical into half. A cut is in the middle for style. Typically, this design is paired together like a dynamic duo that will go well above doors and other windows to draw the eyes up.

Since this incorporates a lot of natural light in your entryway, living area, or family room, the space gives off an illusion of looking larger. The fancy design also makes everything look grander.

If you live in an older style, turn of the century home, half-elliptical windows will look great in wood. You can also opt for white with grille details. Meanwhile, if you live in a modern home, black fiberglass or aluminum clad windows will give a more contemporary vibe.

6. The Full Springline Window

This window has a nice ring to it. After all, who does not love thoughts of spring? Well, in design language, this window refers to a radius window or an arch window. This is because it perfectly blends the soft edges of a circle with the strong straight corners and lines of a rectangle.

Imagine a window where the upper area is a circle or arch shape while the bottom is rectangular. This traditional look usually comes together in three or more.

You can custom order this window and ask for a French casement style that swings to open from the middle. This will allow fresh air to come inside the house. On top of that, you can have interesting grille work to make it more interesting.

Arch windows can come in natural wood. It can also be custom painted to suit your design needs. For example, a black arch window will stand out from a light-colored wall. No matter the color or material you choose, the full springline offers a timeless and stylish design. You can think of this as picture perfection!

7. The Oval Window

This is another round frame, but it comes with an elongated frame akin to an egg. This is a standard option for the following home structures:

  • Traditional
  • Farmhouse
  • Cottage
  • Historical

Typically, most designers use this oval window vertically, but going for the horizontal orientation will create that added “oomph!” After all, it looks rare and unique.

On top of that, you can choose between different materials like fiberglass, wood, or vinyl as an effective approach for highlighting tall ceilings. It also adds elegant ornamentation for your entryway, staircase, or study.

8. The Full Chord Window

Another name for this is the half circle window, semi-circle window, or half-round window. A full chord certainly lives up to its name because it is half a circle.

Technically speaking, a chord is a line that goes through any circle from any two paints. It does not need to cut the circle exactly in its diameter or the halfway point. The chord can be sliced from anywhere, giving you a shortened or smaller half-round.

However, if you cut exactly at the diameter, you get half a circle, which this window type takes inspiration from. Remember, no matter the size of the chord you choose, this style will offer a touch of uniqueness and brightness to any room.

It will work as a standalone piece or as an embellishment for an existing design. To illustrate, you can place this window type above your entryway door to make a good impression. Make sure the chord window’s width matches the door frame.

9. The Partial Chord Window

This takes inspiration from the full chord or semi-circle window. However, it lives up to its name by doing a partial cut. In general, this style is a transverse piece above another window.

When combined with other windows, the partial chord sits high up on the wall. For this reason, it will not be operable. Although it will add light to the room, the partial chord for aesthetics will not permit fresh air.

However, this still offers a unique design element for your living room, dining area, or family room. It will make any area feel special and grand because of the delicate detailing the partial chord contributes to the space.

10. The Quarter Round

When a half-circle is cut in half, it makes a quarter round window. Imagine cutting a pizza into four equal parts for easy visualization. And like a gooey slice, this window design is equally delectable and irresistible.

Another name for this is the quarter circle window. This style is often a unifying factor above a rectangle window. Most designers use this in combination with other windows because they create an impressive combination. It can liven up any space.

Though this window design is 1/4 of a circle, it still delivers a full visual treat in terms of style. For this reason, many choose to include this with their living room windows, especially if the ceiling height is tall. Though it may be inoperable at a high height, you will still benefit from the light coming in.

How Much Does a Fancy Round Window Cost?

There is no set price when it comes to windows because it will depend on many factors. These considerations are the size of the window, style, material, glass type, and brand. Some would say a window can range from $300 to $1,200.

However, you must also factor in labor and other customization features that can drive up the costs. Remember, as your windows get older, they will become less energy efficient as they warp and crack, allowing the draft to come in.

They can even be a potential hazard, especially if they suddenly break. Another factor to watch out for is mold and mildew growth, which are health hazards that result in allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

How to Choose the Best Window Replacement Company?

If you are considering window replacement, take note of the ten window styles above, as they can contribute a lot to your home’s unique personality. You can play with the different styles and let your creative juices flow. Sky’s the limit to your imagination.

Should you have a specific window in mind, you can speak to our team at North Shore Windows Inc. Our team of professionals can make your window dreams into a reality. In addition, we can make custom windows for you that suit your home’s specifications.

Call our team to build you made-to-order windows that look stunning. When you do not feel satisfied with the standard offerings, we can design and make unique windows to make you happy.

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