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Many people choose bow windows because they spruce up both the interior and exterior of the home. This window style lets in tons of natural light, so you may want to consider bow window curtain ideas to help control the flow of sunlight.

Your chosen bow window treatments will also draw attention to this architectural interest in your home. Bow windows with stunning window treatments will look even more elegant and stunning. Check out these window treatments to jazz up your bow windows.

The Unique Shape of the Bow Window

Bow windows are not your typical rectangular windows. Instead, they design them with four or five angled openings. They add a touch of class while providing a lovely view of the outside vistas. This window style also creates a quaint alcove inside.

Because a bow window is massive, it lets in tons of natural light, making any room appear brighter and larger. However, this huge window design can offer little privacy. In addition, when it is too hot, the windows can let too much sunshine in, resulting in fading furniture and discomfort for you.

Fortunately, if you choose the right window treatments for bow windows, you maximize this fixture. Choosing an elegant curtain will add beauty to your space, drawing attention and making the window the focal point. Best of all, window treatments will help control sunlight and add privacy when you need it day and night.

The 7 Most Popular Window Treatment Ideas for Bow Windows

Bow windows are a great choice for any home since they create dimension in the facade while adding a lovely nook indoors. However, the angles of the many windowpanes can make decorating it a bit tricky. Check out a few window treatment suggestions to help spruce up your bow windows:

1. Install a Classic Single Curved Curtain Rod

One of the easiest solutions for a bow window is installing a single curved curtain rod to span the entire length of the window. You can try to DIY and find a rod in the hardware that covers the whole window.

However, if you find it tricky to measure and look for the right size, you can get it customized by calling for professional help. Curved curtain rods come in different materials to suit your theme. For example, they come in:

  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • White
  • And any other custom color to match the room

Best of all, they are stylish and offer tons of flexibility because you can try different curtain designs. You can also conveniently remove them to mix and match the season. For example, you can utilize a single curtain to provide coverage for the whole window in one go to give your space a solid look that exudes class and elegance.

Make sure the color and fabric of the curtain match your furniture upholstery. You must also opt for a thick decorative rod to provide ample support for the curtains. The rod must also extend sufficiently beyond the opening to allow you to pull back the curtains.

Pay attention to the curtain width to allow for extra materials to create cute bunching. You must also ensure that curtains are long enough to fit the space. Keep in mind that short curtains will look out of place and become dwarfed by huge bow windows.

2. Play Around With Versatile Multiple Curtain Panels

If you want a fun look, play around with different curtain panels. This style offers versatility because you can use a different curtain panel for each bow window opening. Pick out a love design for each panel that creates a funky theme that catches attention.

Best of all, this style provides options when it comes to filtering the sun as each curtain panel acts independently. For example, you can use two panels in contrasting fabrics. Pick an opaque navy shade and a sheer white one. It does not only create visual interest but help you block out light when you feel like it.

3. Try Elegant Floor Length Curtain Sectioning

Do you have a seat or a bench in the curved area of your bow window installation? Well, you can choose a straight curtain rod on the top outer wall to separate the seat.

The floor-length curtain will partition the area and create a secret hideaway for you. If you close the curtains, the seat by the window becomes an isolated space for a quick nap. Of course, you can also sit there and read as you enjoy the calming scenery.

This option also offers flexibility because you can readily open the curtains to let the light in. Besides, it is a cheaper option than purchasing customized curved rods or blinds. Instead, you can purchase a straight rod and install it yourself. Then, find different curtains styles to mix and match them to your mood.

4. Put on Stylish Sheers For a Soft Look

Consider installing dainty sheers over each bow windowpane as this maximizes light entry into your home. You can secure a separate curtain rod for each window. Create an illusion of connecting the rods to create a fluid and seamless appearance. From there, you can attach the sheers using rod clips or hooks.

As an alternative, you can also install the sheers outside the opening if you have little space above the windows to place the rods. When you put the sheers in the outer wall, the fabrics create a soft, dainty, and airy vibe.

This method provides a little bit of sectioning in the area, but it does not detract or completely hide the bow window, unlike using solely thick, designed drapes. Since sheers are thin, you can also mix and match this with thicker curtains to block out the view when you feel like it. Installing heavier fabrics that readily open and close will help you do that.

5. Mount Classy Individual Shades

If you do not like the look of traditional curtains, you can try putting up individual shades for each section of your bow window. When you mount shades, you can have access to light control. At the same time, you get more privacy compared to sheers.

For best results, you must have them designed in consideration of the headers. Make sure they graze each other as you put them across the windows. If you want a more eclectic feel, you can use various shades styles to create different effects. For example, go with lined shades since they offer superior privacy and mix it with bamboo shades that add texture.

6. Invest in Beautiful Window Shutters

Shutters make a great alternative for your bow window treatment if you do not feel like dealing with fabrics. They come in panels that you can open and close whenever you need privacy. However, you must be sure about the design you like because this is a bit more expensive than curtains as it creates a permanent fixture for your bow windows.

The most popular shutters come in white. However, you can also have them customized in natural wood, chrome, or other colors to match the interiors and exteriors of your home since they will be visible from both sides.

Since shutters look pretty, formal, and elegant on their own, they eliminate the need for blinds and drapes. Instead, use the shutters to maximize light entry in the daytime and close them at night when you need privacy.

Noteworthy, though shutters will eliminate the need to launder the curtains, you must carefully maintain each panel. Ask your professional window team how to properly dust and maintain each slat to make sure they are clean. Proper care will help your investment last for a much longer time.

7. Give Unconventional Window Film a Try

One of the biggest reasons most homeowners install bow windows is that they let in a lot of light. However, if you do not fancy curtains, blinds, or shades, you can try putting on a privacy window film instead.

This window treatment offers a temporary fix. You only need to apply it with soap water and take it out when the mood strikes. You can add this to your decorating repertoire if you need variety.

After all, it is common for decorating tastes to change from time to time. If you do not feel like dealing with long curtains, you can add the privacy film and use colored panels or valances at the top. You can place these treatment accents on top of the bow panels themselves or secure them on the wall outside. You do not need to worry about privacy as the film will cover that.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

You put up bow window treatments for aesthetics, insulation, or privacy. However, there are so many styles to choose from. It can be quite overwhelming to pick the right window treatment to jazz up your bows. The following bow window curtain ideas can help you consider the right balance of form, function, and affordability.

1. Assess Functionality

Base the window treatment for the use of the room. For example, family rooms, home theaters, or virtual gaming spaces need little light, so thicker drapes work well to avoid light entry that can distort the screen images.

Meanwhile, some spaces like the living look more welcoming with abundant light. Consider sheer drapes or flexible shutters that readily open and close. You can also try a layered approach with sheer and thick fabrics.

2. Assess the Location

Where the sun comes through can also play a big part in what kind of window treatment you use. Early morning sun is great for humans because you get Vitamin D. However, the harsher afternoon sun is not as beneficial. Keep this in mind when choosing window treatments so you can maximize the light and optimize the heat component. The latter matters if you live in a temperate zone with four seasons because you want to block out light in summer but hold it in during the winter.

3. Discern Privacy Factor

If you are in a high-traffic area with tons of prying eyes, then privacy matters. Of course, you want to change your clothes without worrying about who can see you. Bedrooms will benefit from heavier drapes. Meanwhile, common areas like the kitchen, dining, or living room may need more flexibility, so an adjustable window treatment is advisable.

4. Choose the Material

The materials make a big difference in the amount of light coming in. The general rule: the thinner the material, more light comes in. For example, lighter fabrics make the room feel lighter and airy. In contrast, thicker and darker fabrics or wood shutters provide a more dramatic effect. They also add an extra layer of insulation. Most of all, materials affect longevity. To illustrate, fabrics do not last as long as wood shutters.

5. Consider the Size

The size and length can impact the feel of the room. Floor to ceiling ones will add an element of height. Meanwhile, choosing a shorter one will help avoid gathering dirt and dust on the curtain.

6. Pick the Color

Picking the colors of the bow window treatments is the most fun part. This usually boils down to factors such as:

  • The theme of the room
  • Brightening effect, you want to achieve
  • Favorite color preferences

Remember, you do not need to pick the same treatments for your whole house. Instead, mix and match it with the occupant. For instance, your daughter loves pink and lavender, so come up with the scheme for her room. The key to getting everything right is measuring the correct size and investing in quality materials that will last.

Find the Best Design to Jazz Up Your Bow Windows

The fun part about bow windows is you have a wide array of choices to play around with. Any of the above options can complete your design to optimize light entry, privacy, and interior aesthetic design.

You can use different window treatments, from sheer to heavy drapes depending on the season. Furthermore, you can mix this with privacy films when the mood strikes. Or, if you do not want to deal with fabrics, go for shutters and Roman shades.

Remember, the sky is the limit to your imagination. Dress your bow windows to match your home theme. Alternatively, you can create a contrast for a more eclectic vibe. There is no right or wrong way to get this done because it depends on your preferences, lifestyle choices, and needs.

Should you need assistance, our team at North Shore Window Inc. can help you with your project. Call us so our experts can measure your bow windows to ensure you get the right-sized window treatments. We also offer help with new installations and replacements.

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