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First impressions matter, so entry doors must reflect the personality of the residents living in the home. Though it takes up a small portion of your home, the front entry doors are the first thing people see when entering or driving past your home. Selecting a beautiful custom door is not merely vanity but a necessity.

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Why Choose Custom Entry Doors?

When it is time to select your front entry doors, you must carefully find custom materials that will effectively showcase your unique identity. Your chosen exterior doors hold the power to represent your values, so generic doors are out. Selecting high-quality building materials that offer longevity and durability must be prioritized. Apart from visual appeal, you also need custom doors that offer superior functionality and top-notch security for your home.

Choosing the Perfect Entry Door

Custom entry doors are far more affordable than you think. There are numerous designs so finding one that reflects your style is a fun process. Selecting the perfect entry door that makes your heart tickle boils down to these steps:

Choose the Door Function

  • Front doors have an important job since they create the biggest impact on your home, so selecting the best materials matter.
  • Entry doors can also refer to patio doors, storm doors, or sliding doors, which give entry or access to your home, so you must consider security.

Decide on a Hanging Option

  • Choose between a slab door, pre-framed, or pre-hung door.
  • Pick the style that works from doors that swing open to giant double doors that make a grand statement.

Measure for Door Width

  • Assess if you will use the existing frame or replace it with a bigger one that fits your home’s style and size.
  • Measure thoroughly to ensure that your custom entry doors fit into the allotted space.

Front Entry Door Materials

The materials you select for your entry door will have a profound effect on the level of security, durability, and aesthetics it provides. The most common custom materials to choose from are the following:


  • This offers a classic and natural look that has been around since time immemorial.
  • Be sure to select high-quality materials that do not warp even with consistent exposure to harsh environmental conditions.


  • This offers the most security but is highly corrosive, so frequent repainting is a must for it to remain chip and scratch-free.
  • For areas with high humidity and a lot of rain, steel doors are the best option because they do not expand or contract.


  • This material also offers top-notch security without any issues of rusting.
  • The drawback of this material is the lack of insulation, so it is susceptible to cracks, affecting your home’s energy efficiency.

In summary, the materials you choose for your entry doors affect the overall aesthetics and functionality. To find the best one, do not forget to factor in your area’s climate as it will have an impact on your door.

Designing the Perfect Front Door

If you are looking to make your dream door into a reality, speak to our design team at North Shore Window Inc. Our specialists can help you create a custom door that suits that style of your home without compromising security. We have different materials that can address your unique needs.

We feel proud of our work because each exterior door we make is of a high standard. Our craftsmen only use the best materials for our doors to assure they do not readily warp or rust. Most of all, you can count on an excellent quality finish that amplifies the curbside appeal of your home.

Our team at North Shore Window Inc. gives you a broad range of customization options to choose from. We are committed to giving you what you want, assuring a perfectly fitting door that carries the best designs while protecting your family and personal belongings at the same time.

Custom Entry Doors FAQs

Which door is best for front entry?

If protection is your primary consideration, nothing beats steel when it comes to security, longevity, and durability. Without a doubt, it is tougher than wood or fiberglass composite doors because they do not crack or warp. In case of dings or dents due to wear and tear, you can readily repair it with an auto-body maintenance kit, and it will look as good as new.

How much is an entry door?

Based on statistics, the national average for getting your entry doors to install is $1,200, with the highest door price reaching $6,000 for high-end mansions. However, if you are running on a budget, you can get your custom door for as low as $475. Keep in mind; prices will vary based on your chosen materials, the size of the frame, and how fast you want it installed.

Who makes the best entry doors?

There are a lot of door manufacturers, but some of the best ones include Select Doors, Euroline Steel Windows & Doors, Loewen, OTIIMA, and Marvin. These brands are industry leaders that combine research and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies that assure high-quality doors. Enjoy both visual appeal and functionality with these companies that raise the bar for excellence in this industry.

What type of door is most energy-efficient?

Vinyl-clad wood is the most energy-efficient as it offers the best thermal insulation. During winter, it blocks in the cold, while it deters heat in warm summer months. You can expect low utility bills with this energy-efficient door that increases the thermal performance in your house.

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