Interior Doors

Interior doors are often called passage doors because they indicate passage between two interior rooms or closets. You need these doors to foster privacy, manage noise, help with climate control, and assure seamless transition between rooms. These doors are generally made without UV protection and topcoat since there is no exposure to the elements.

Featured Doors

panel doors

Panel Doors

Available in both paint-grade MDF and stain-grade wood, our panel doors offer a range of combinations perfect for any architectural style.

modern wood door

Modern Doors

The essence of a modern door blends clean lines, minimalistic design, and natural woods. Our collection will help you capture that vision.

glass interior doors

Glass Doors

Each door opening is an opportunity to make a design statement. Whether it’s a mirrored door or arched glass, elegance is standard.

specialty doors

Specialty Doors

When you need to compliment your home design with matching doors, a specialty door is the answer. Plank, barn, louvered, you name it.

Why Choose Custom Interior Doors?

Custom-made interior doors are a high-quality option that will surely be suited to your home’s style and ambiance. Besides, the craftsmanship seen in the detail of these interior doors makes for a great showpiece. Their longevity and durability are unparalleled, assuring your doors live up to daily use for years to come.

Custom Interior Doors are Better

Thinking about upgrading to custom doors? Here is why they are worth the investment:


  • A custom interior door is made to fit your desires and expectations. 
  • You can make each door your own with different design options such as carvings, hardware, and paneling. 

Fit your home’s ambiance and design:

  • Custom-made doors are sure to fit the design of your home, no matter the theme. 
  • They help make the overall home layout look and feel seamless.

No hassle:

  • Selecting custom doors ensures that you get the door you need when you need it.
  • Ordering tailored doors require less “search” time than door-hunting in various shops.

Assured high-quality:

  • Custom-made doors are most often constructed by hand instead of machinery. 
  • This ensures high-quality goods as each door is meticulously made and quality controlled.

Good investment

  • Because custom doors are one-of-a-kind art pieces, they make your home look more high-end. 
  • If you decide to move, they have a high resale value and can increase the overall value of your home.

Interior Door Materials

You will find different materials to select from, giving you a full range of options to beautify your space. Look at the most popular ones:

Hard Wood/Solid Wood 

  • This is the costliest material because it is the most durable.
  • However, even solid wood doors are susceptible to warping in humid climates.

Medium Density Fiber (MDF) 

  • These are mid-range priced doors that are made of engineered wood, making them less susceptible to warping. 
  • MDF feels and looks like wood but does not have grain patterns.

Hollow Core 

  • This is made of plywood or molded composite material. 
  • As the name suggests, it is hollow in the middle. 
  • It is the lightest option and the least soundproof but offers versatility as you can use it for any room.


  • Glass doors utilize a wooden or metal frame to encase glass panes. 
  • They allow for a good flow of natural light. 
  • This door, however, is not great for controlling interior temperatures.

Solid Core 

  • Instead of being hollow, solid core doors have interiors filled with a fiber blend. 
  • It is more soundproof and well-insulated than hollow core materials.

Crafting the Perfect Door

The perfect interior door will depend on many elements like the climate, design, and budget. For example, solid wood is better for temperate climates since it is less humid and lessens the warp time. If you are unsure, our team at North Shore Windows Inc. can offer you guidance.

Remember, the style of your interior decor will affect the type of door you will need. Modern homes might require a different custom door from a Baroque-style home. Your budget will also determine how far you can go in terms of design and materials (ex. lighter doors such as hollow core is more cost-efficient than solid wood).

There are many interior door companies, but only a few will give you quality tailored products. Creating the perfect interior door begins with selecting the right team to collaborate with. Our team at North Shore Windows Inc. has been serving this niche for years, and our longevity speaks volumes about our work ethics. 

We will guide you through every step of the selection, purchase, installment, and post-care process. For excellent quality doors and windows with great customer service and exceptional client care, contact our North Shore Windows Inc. reps at (631) 676-4800.

Custom Interior Doors FAQs

How much does a custom interior door cost?

A custom price will depend on the chosen material and the intricacy of the design. The base price for a custom door will range from $500 to $600. More intricate doors that include carving, other woodwork embellishments, and use solid wood would run upwards of $2000.

Are solid interior doors worth it?

Solid wood doors are heavier, more soundproof, and more luxurious. Among all interior door materials, solid wood doors have a higher resale value and add the most value to your home. Indeed, they are worth the price tag because they offer the best aesthetics, functionality, longevity, and durability.

What are the best doors for interior?

The best door for your home’s interior is dependent on what you want and need as the client. If you desire soundproof doors, solid wood doors or solid core doors are the best options. If you want a more cost-friendly interior door and do not mind sound penetration, hollow core doors are a good option

Is it worth replacing interior doors?

Replacing interior doors will boost your home’s value. In addition, doing so will give your home a more luxurious feel, especially if you are going for custom. New doors will also improve noise management and temperature control.

How long does the process take to get new doors installed?

The amount of time to install the doors also hinges on the schedule of your chosen company. Installation and lead-time are usually 3 to 4 weeks, even longer if the doors are custom because you may need to adjust them.

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