Loewen Windows & Doors


The Loewen Window & Door plant is made up of specialized makerspaces rather than traditional assembly lines and hosts expert craftspeople with decades of experience in their craft.


Loewen uses solid wood laminations, not veneers for their windows and doors. All the operating hardware consists of bronze, brass, zinc, and stainless steel – all genuine materials.


Loewen works tirelessly to manufacture products that are truly timeless, whether it’s by historical architecture or creating a lasting contemporary design – you’ll be satisfied for years to come.

Loewen Windows
They Care


100% of the wood that Loewen uses for its products is sustainably sourced.

They are a socially responsible corporation that buys ethically produced materials and is recognized for their leadership in energy conservation and environmental sustainability.

They also:

  • recycle 100% of any metal that goes unused during the manufacturing processes.
  • engineer their wood to minimize wood waste, and what little waste that may emerge is always re-used.


Are Loewen Windows good?

Loewen Windows & Doors is a leading manufacturer of premium windows and doors for the luxury architectural market. They’re a design-driven, technologically advanced company of the modern day. In short, yes, their windows are amazing.

What is a direct set window?

A direct set window is a type of fixed window. These types of windows have glass set directly into slim frames to maximize the daylight opening.

What is a fixed window?

A fixed window, also known as a “picture window” or “architectural window,” is specifically designed to frame a particular area outdoors. They are available in any shape and size and are generally the most energy-efficient.

Which window type is the best?

This will vary based upon your needs and the location of the window. Generally speaking, single-hung windows are the most common. Casement windows are considered to be better than double-hung windows at keeping out drafts out.