Western Window Systems

Superior Functionality

This brand is committed to helping people by providing wonderful window wall designs and well-built sliding glass patio doors. With a Western Window Systems unit, you can enjoy the great outdoors from within your property.

Unmatched Quality

You can rest assured that you are putting nothing but the best in your home. This brand takes pride in producing outstanding results, using premium materials and sophisticated manufacturing technologies.

Lasting Elegance

This brand will work seamlessly with any architectural design because it exudes timeless elegance. You can enjoy your investment because your windows and folding doors will retain their value over time.

western window systems

How You Live

Whether you need a sliding door or a big window, the Western Window Systems team assures you can get a remarkable product that beautifully merges your interiors with your exteriors. Over the years, they have been making a lot of property owners happy with their exemplary products that offer value for money.

Our team feels confident that Western Window Systems products will satisfy you. They remove indoor boundaries and expand your space seamlessly. Take note of the following popular products:

  • Classic Line: Superior quality that combines classic beauty and clean lines.
  • Performance Lines: Promotes energy and structural requirements without sacrificing contemporary design.
  • Simulated Steel Line: These look expensive and durable like real steel but are more affordable.


What is a Western slider?

A Western slider is a world-class entry door created by Western Window Systems. You will enjoy this premium-quality piece as it eliminates the barrier between your indoor home and the great outdoors. Many people invest in this Western slider because of its wonderful design, superior functionality, and terrific durability.

What is a multi-slide door?

As the name implies, a multi-slide door possesses more than one moving panel aligned in a row. When this multi slide door is open, the panels can stack side-by-side near one of the edges, or both panels can tuck into a wall pocket and disappear. For best results, you can purchase multi-slide doors that come with a motorized mechanism, so all you need to do is press a button to operate the system.

Can sliding doors go both ways?

When you opt for the old technology, patio doors worked with a duo track, so one pane is constantly in one spot. However, thanks to innovation, you can now open modern sliding doors from both ends. If you want this versatility, look for a brand like Western Window Systems that offers varying doors and windows configurations.

How much are multi-panel sliding doors?

Multi-panel sliding doors can run from $600 to thousands of dollars. This will, of course, depend on the number of panels you need, as well as your chosen door materials. On top of that, you may need to pay extra to install the doors, depending on the contract you have with your chosen supplier.