Centor Screens, Shades & Bifolds


Centor screens come in varying configurations to suit your home design and budget. For example, you can pair our insect screen with a blind, resulting in a multi-function system that is super versatile. 


Choosing Centor retractable screen doors ensures you can enjoy an open living space while effectively controlling insects and the harsh glare of the sun. Best of all, you can do it with a flick of your finger.


Centor screen systems are award-winning for a reason. Our supplier spends thousands of hours on product development, so we feel confident in offering you custom solutions that offer durability and longevity.

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Modern Lifestyle

Are you looking to achieve your dream indoor-outdoor space? Our team at North Shore Windows Inc. is ready to make your vision a reality. With our Centor luxury bifolds, retractable shades, and screen door systems, you can blend the beauty of the great outdoors with your interior home design. 

Centor is a pioneer blurring the lines between the inside and outside of your home. The flagship Integrated Screen Doors assure you can improve your home’s airflow. You enjoy clean, fresh air without worrying about pests and other environmental elements. 

You can pair the screen and shade system with any type of window or door. We feel proud of our custom offerings because we can tailor them to fit your property’s architectural design. The retractable system disappears into the frame when not in use. You can enjoy three of the custom configurations:

  • Single: The screen or blind extends from one side of the frame across the entire opening, measuring up to 12 feet wide. 
  • Multi-function: You get both a blind and screen with one type of material on the right and another on the left. Both materials extend across the entire door or window opening of a maximum of 12 feet wide.
  • Double: Get two screens or blinds with one material type meeting in the middle. This can accommodate up to 24 feet wide.


What is a Centor screen?

Centor screen is a premium manufacturer of luxury bi-folds, retractable screen systems, and insect shades for any type of building design. Centor assures quality as every piece has been collision tested with a 38-pound punching bag.

Can folding patio doors have screens?

It is possible to integrate screens in your patio doors so you can enjoy fresh air and unobstructed views. You can integrate a screen with any type of patio door, from bifold glass to sliding doors.

Are fly screens necessary?

Fly screens are essential, especially during the summer season. If your home is near the water or you live in a tropical climate, these screens are necessary for protection because you have more flies and mosquitoes.

What are the best retractable screens?

The best retractable screens are those that disappear when not in use. Most of all, ease of operations is crucial. A push-button with a motorized mechanism offers the most convenience.