Why You Should Consider a Wall of Windows

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In search of a way to transform your home’s appearance, you should consider installing a wall of windows. We know it is an unusual suggestion, but there are real reasons why such an addition is worth considering.

You may be surprised by the impact that a window wall could have on your home. We are not only talking about aesthetic impact either. Those window walls can also provide other benefits that should pique your interest.

Let’s talk about the different reasons why you should consider building window walls in this article. By the end of this article, you should be able to tell if those additions belong in your home.

The Benefits of Installing Window Walls

When the time comes for you to replace your windows, remember that you do not need to go with the same thing again. Instead of going with more traditional fixtures, you can go all out and install a wall of windows.

Why is going in such a bold direction something you should consider? The reasons detailed below should answer that question.

Window Walls Are Spectacular Additions

Most homeowners do not put a lot of thought into the design of their walls. As long as a wall is strong and sturdy, it is good enough.

There is nothing wrong with thinking about walls that way. If you want them to be functional elements of your home, you can certainly go in that direction.

Now, if you are looking for something that also adds some visual pop, we suggest installing window walls. Window walls liven up your home décor. They introduce an element of excitement to your home.

Window walls are striking additions that can help define the space you have available. You can build your design scheme off of your walls or use them as complementary elements.

No matter how you choose to utilize your new transparent walls, they can be spectacular additions to your home.

Window Walls Allow You to Feature Simpler Interior Décor

Filling your home with decorative elements is one way to approach interior design. You can create a unique look that way, but you are also using up your available space. Keep going in that direction, and your home interior may start to feel cramped.

Instead of using interior decorative elements to spruce up your home, perhaps you should consider installing window walls instead. Window walls allow you to beautify your home by creating more harmony between your interior and exterior design. That works because window walls do not get in the way as normal walls do.

Adding some greenery to your home interior also creates a stronger connection to your outdoor area. Your window walls will also strengthen that connection.

Window Walls Make It Easier for You to Showcase Your Outdoor Landscape

Many homeowners pour a lot of money into creating a gorgeous outdoor landscape. They invest resources into creating beautiful gardens, installing outdoor fixtures, and even setting up outdoor dining areas.

Since you went through all that trouble of creating that outdoor landscape, you should showcase it. Adding a wall of windows to your home allows you to showcase your outdoor landscape easily.

Arrange the window walls strategically to show off the best parts of your outdoor landscape. You can even leave behind some conventional walls if you decide to design your home that way.

Window Walls Fit into a Modern Design Aesthetic

After living in a home that has featured a traditional design for many years, you may get the urge to spice things up. You may feel that now is the right time to start trying out the modern aesthetic.

Switching to a modern design is well worth a try. Start transitioning to that design scheme by adding some window walls.

Remember that modern design emphasizes minimalism and openness. The last two points highlight how window walls are conducive to establishing modern design inside your home. If you have been interested in pursuing that design scheme for your home, then you know what to do.

Window Walls Are Highly Customizable

Maybe you are not a fan of modern design. That is fine. The great thing about window walls is that they can fit into any design scheme.

Window walls are capable of that because they are highly customizable. Feel free to change the window frame based on what you need for your interior décor. You can also change how the windows operate to refine your new design scheme.

Do not feel as though you are trapped into following a specific design scheme if you want to install a wall of windows. Go with whichever design scheme you prefer and match your window walls to it.

Window Walls Create the Illusion of Space

Is your home interior a bit cramped? If so, installing a wall of windows can help with that.

Now, window walls will not open up space inside your home. However, they can make it seem like a room is bigger than it truly is.

We talked about the ability the windows have to create a connection between the indoor and outdoor areas of your home. That comes in handy for beautifying your home and creating that illusion of openness that can make your home feel more comfortable.

If you want to change up the look and feel of your living room, installing a wall of windows makes a lot of sense.

Window Walls Can Play a Role in Improving Your Health

You may be surprised to learn that replacing your conventional walls with window walls could be beneficial to your health. So, how exactly do they manage to do that? The answer has something to do with sunlight.

According to WebMD, exposing yourself to early morning sunlight can help you sleep better at night. It is easy to get that early morning sunlight if it is present inside your living room every day.

Beyond that, you should also enjoy bathing in the sun’s glorious rays because they help increase your body’s vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is crucial for keeping your bones and immune system healthy. It can also lower your risk of developing certain autoimmune diseases.

If you have been feeling down lately, basking in the glow of the sunlight filtering into your living room is also a good idea. Research has shown that exposure to sunlight can boost a person’s serotonin levels. Seeing the sun shining through your wall of windows every day can help brighten your mood and improve your mental health.

To put it simply, sunlight is good for you. If you want more of it, you should consider installing some window walls.

Window Walls Can Help Reduce Your Energy Consumption

New homes will often come with some feature that allows for the easy entry of natural lighting. You will also find that those features are strategically located to maximize the amount of sunlight they bring into a home.

Those features are designed that way so households can depend more on natural lighting. Getting more natural lighting inside your home can allow you to feature a different type of look during the day.

More importantly, natural lighting can reduce your energy consumption. You do not need to keep your lights on during the day if you have natural lighting shining through your window walls. That will translate to significant savings on your electric bills.

Consistently use your window walls to allow more natural lighting into your home so you can permanently reduce your electricity consumption. Your wallet and the environment will thank you for making that change.

Window Walls Provide Passive Heating

Winters can get uncomfortable depending on where you live in the country. Because of the cold weather, you have no choice but to keep the heater on.

While a window wall cannot replace what your heater provides, it can still help keep your home a bit warmer. You can give your heater longer breaks thanks to the warmth from your window walls.

But what if you live in a part of the country that has warm weather? You probably do not want your home getting any warmer thanks to the heat coming through your window walls.

If you want to reduce the impact that your window walls have on your home’s temperature, you can opt to cover them with low-E coatings. According to Glass.com, low-E coatings can effectively prevent excessive heat transfer.

Windows with low-E coatings can prevent warm or cold air from leaking outside. At the same time, they can also stop cold or warm air from entering your home. Those coated windows are great for maintaining your ideal temperature.

You can use your window walls to improve the heating inside your home. If you do not need that extra heat, applying a low-E coating will stop your window walls from affecting your home’s temperature.

Window Walls Are Secure Installations

Because they are glass, you may be wondering about the sturdiness of window walls. It is understandable for you to be worried, but is that warranted?

You will be glad to know that window walls are sturdy. Window walls are strong due to the way they install them. Since they build these walls into the surrounding slab, you do not need to worry about them moving around.

Do not let concerns about the stability of window walls stop you from getting them. They are perfectly safe additions to your home, and you are not sacrificing anything if you choose them over conventional walls.

What Kind of Window Walls Can You Get?

Now that you know all about the benefits of installing window walls, you may be thinking of installing them inside your home. Before you do, you should consider what kind of window walls you want to add.

Like we said earlier, window walls are customizable. By learning more about your customization options, you can pinpoint exactly which type of window wall your home needs.

Frame Material

Arguably, the most important choice you will have to make when putting together your wall of windows is deciding which frame material to use. Your choice of frame material matters greatly because it will affect the weight, thickness, durability, and overall strength of your wall windows. The appearance of your window walls will also be affected by your choice of frame material.

Common frame material options for window walls include aluminum, fiberglass, steel, and vinyl.

Aluminum windows are prized for their durability and strength, and the same goes for fiberglass. Steel outdoes both aluminum and fiberglass when it comes to durability and strength, but it is also expensive. Vinyl is the cost-efficient option, but you may struggle with its appearance.

Frame or Frameless

Another option to consider when designing your window wall is whether you want a frame at all. Technically, there is a frame, but it only lines the perimeter of the entire window. You will not find small frames spanning the window wall itself.

Frameless window walls continue to boast plenty of strength and durability. They also work well for minimalist design schemes.

Glazing Options

Lastly, you need to choose what type of glazing you want for your window walls. More often than not, the choice here will boil down to choosing either double or triple-paned units.

That extra layer of material does make a significant difference. Compared to double-paned units, triple-paned windows do a better job of insulating homes. They also excel at keeping external noises at bay.

The only real downside to choosing a triple-paned window over its double-paned counterpart is cost. You will pay significantly more to install three-paned window walls. Whether or not paying extra for that additional layer is worth it is your call.

Note that double-paned window walls are still sturdy additions to any home. They will work fine if you go with them.

Are you looking for new windows or perhaps even new window walls? If so, we at North Shore Window Inc. can help out. Contact us today and tell us which new fixtures you want for your home!

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