Cleaning your double-hung windows is not only for vanity, but it is a necessity that will improve your views outside and ensure your investment stays in good shape. Proper cleaning and window maintenance will not only keep up a nice appearance but also protects the integrity of your windows.

With routine cleaning, your windows will continue to work well. You can even extend its lifespan because you address normal wear and tear before they turn into a complicated problem. Besides, clean double-hung windows mean you have healthy windows that beautify your home. So, say goodbye to mildew, molds, or other gunk.

Thankfully, maintaining and cleaning your double-hung windows are jobs that fall on the easier side. Seriously, when it comes to window types, double-hung windows are one of the easiest to clean. So, it is no wonder why this is the most preferred window style for homeowners. Find out more about cleaning these windows below.

Parts of a Double-Hung Window That Need Cleaning

With a couple of squirts of glass cleaner, you can make your double-hung windows sparkle. Then you can use a paper towel or a clean cloth to wipe the inside of your window. But you must likely know how to clean interior glass already. However, many parts of your double-hung windows need your attention and TLC. Let’s get started:

Cleanse the Glass Facing the Exterior

For easy and convenient cleaning of the exterior, let your windows tilt inwards. This is a easy-to-clean window variant because you can clean the glass exterior from inside your house. Here is how to safely tilt your windows that have a compression jamb liner. Then, follow these tips for easy cleaning of the outside glass:

  1. Unlock the windows and raise your lower sash around three inches.
  2. Carefully tilt the window by pressing on one side of the jamb liner while pulling the corner of the window sash towards your body (the same thing for the opposite side).
  3. Proceed with tilting the lower sash towards you, following a 90-degree angle.
  4. Gently slide the upper sash of your double-hung windows down until the top area is within your reach.
  5. Use your one hand to secure the upper sash while the other hand presses the jamb liner and pulls the sash towards you (do the same steps for the opposite side).
  6. You must carefully tilt the upper sash outwards to clean the entire exterior window with one hand.
  7. Lift up, rotate that upper sash upright, then push and place it back to its usual position by applying gentle pressure on both corners of the upper sash area using swift movements.
  8. You can now clean the exterior glass of the lower sash.
  9. Once that is done, you can place the lower sash in its original position (follow the movements used in returning the upper sash into its normal place).
  10. Give everything inside one final dusting, then make sure the window seals are closed tight and secure the lock.

Pay Attention to Window Tracks

Pay attention to the window tracks as well and not only the glass. Often, dirt, dust, and debris get caught and stuck in the track. When these things accumulate there, it will be hard for you to operate your windows. In addition, you will have a hard time opening and closing your double-hung because it can get stuck.

To help you clean this part, perform regular cleaning with a dry brush. When you make track cleaning a part of your routine, gunk will not accumulate, making it much easier to clean. Besides, you can count on smoother operations of your windows if they are clean.

If you have waited too long in between cleaning, you may need to use soaps and water to get all the dirt out. This is a bit messier than the dry method, but it will work wonders. Again, if you perform regular cleaning, you can get by with the dry brush method. Simply vacuum the debris that falls into your floor. En voila, you are done!

Take Time to Clean The Windowsill and Frame

The windowsill of your double-hung can collect as much dirt, dust, and debris as your tracks. To make this task easy for you, use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. This will readily suck up any debris that congregates in your windowsill. If you do not do this, they will all accumulate and adversely affect the occupants. In addition, it could trigger allergies, atopic dermatitis, and even asthma.

If you feel lazy and do not regularly clean your windowsill, the debris can stain and get deposited on your frame over time. When cleaning your frame, do the following:

  • Do not use abrasive tools
  • Use warm soapy water
  • Apply mineral sprays for tough stains
  • Dry with a clean and smooth cloth

The frame on your double-hung can get scratched, so avoid scraping tools and harsh materials. Though the materials used for your windows are durable and sturdy, it would still be prudent to exercise care when cleaning them. For example, if you scrape the protective coating, it will compromise the integrity of your frame and adversely impact its normal lifespan. So do your best to make sure your frames are cleansed thoroughly but gently.

Take Care of the Weep Holes

Double-hung windows weep holes were specifically made to provide water drainage. However, even if you have sealants in place, water can still accumulate on the sills and tracks. Hence, the weep holes live up to their name by giving the water a chance to flow. This means your windows do not endure wetness, which can be a breeding ground for molds and mildew.

If you notice that water in your windows does not drain properly, the culprit could be clogged weep holes. Therefore, you must make it your mission to clean these holes and keep them free of debris regularly. You can use a small and soft brush to clear out the opening on both the inside and outside weep holes. Doing this will protect your window’s integrity and ensure they stay free from damage, thereby allowing you to get the most out of your investment.

The Popularity of Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows take the lead among many other window types when it comes to sales and popularity. This comes as no surprise because the double-hung window looks beautiful. Besides, it is versatile enough to match any home there. On top of that, there are many benefits of owning these windows. Look at them below:

Accords Superior Ventilation

The primary benefit of investing in double-hung windows is it offers excellent ventilation. You can even control the influx of air from the outside. For example, if you want maximum ventilation, you can open both the top and bottom sashes. The bottom will let cool air in, while the top part will let window air out.

This specific feature truly enhances your indoor air quality. It makes your home air cooler and fresher. Meanwhile, if you do not feel like dealing with a lot of air, leave one sash open.

Proffers Aesthetic and Visual Adaptability

Double-hung windows offer the classic appeal. When we dub something as classic, it means the beauty is timeless. Thus, double-hung windows are suitable for any home theme and any room in your house. Best of all, you can choose from the following:

  • Styles
  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Finishes

Whether you have a traditional colonial home or a contemporary modern abode, double-hung windows will surely fit well with your design aesthetics.

Provides Easy Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, you cannot beat the ease of caring for double-hung windows. They come with tilt-out sashes that make cleaning so much easier. Hence, you can clean the interior and exterior while you are inside your home. Some even proffer removable sashes.

Of course, apart from regular cleaning, you must also inspect your windows to ensure they are well-lubricated. Because of these easy maintenance features, your windows will look beautiful for a long time.

Makes It Easy to Incorporate Add-Ons

If you feel like adding air conditioning during the summer or screens, you can readily do so with double-hung windows. These readily slide up for easy setup. You can dispense with cranking or sliding. Hence, you can safely hold your AC unit with the sash and not worry it will fall through. Conversely, pulling out the AC unit is easy when the summer season is over.

Assures Safe Operations

Double-hung windows were designed not to crank out or project outwards. They were specifically designed to eliminate accidents in high traffic areas like the following:

  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Decks

On top of that, you can fully lock your windows into place. When you fully shut your windows, intruders will have a hard time prying them open. As such, you can rest easy knowing that your family and belongings are safely ensconced in your home.

Ensures Superior Energy Efficiency

Apart from excellent ventilation, you can count on your double-hung windows to provide ample natural light. This can offer tons of warmth during wintertime and that much-needed vitamin D. With tons of light flowing in, it will help you see things clearly, too.

At the same time, you can opt for the most energy-efficient glass to enhance savings on your energy costs. During winter, you can save on heating. Conversely, you can save on cooling during summers. This is a win-win situation.

Remember, window shopping ought to be fun, so do not get yourself confused and overwhelmed by the broad array of fancy window products sold in the market. Remember, research the different window types to make an informed choice that you will not regret. Most of all, work with a reputable window supplier to find premium quality double-hung windows that are suitable for your property.

Set a Proper Maintenance Routine

You must regularly clean the different parts of your double-hung window. This is a vital part of your window maintenance because dirty windows do not work well and can get damaged over time. The cleanliness of your windows will impact the lifespan of your investment.

Besides, clean windows look nicer. They benefit the occupants because the views outside will look clear. At the same time, people outside looking at the home will notice the lovely, well-maintained windows. After all, we often neglect windows when it comes to cleaning, especially when they stay hidden under thick drapes, blinds, or curtains.

Remember, regular inspection of your windows can nip minor issues in the bud. This means tiny problems do not escalate and become major ones. Complex window problems are harder and more expensive to contend with. As such, you must take the time to inspect your windows regularly. Watch out for the following:

  • Leaks
  • Improper drainage
  • Chipped paint
  • Cracks in the sealant
  • Difficulty in sliding the sashes

If your double-hung window inspection reveals any issues, do your best to address them appropriately. Repair the leaks before you experience water damage. Clear out the weep holes to ensure the drainage is working. Should you have more serious problems, you must schedule inspections and repair services with a window professional.

Stay on Top of Your Window Game

Remember, there is no reason for you to ditch cleaning and maintaining your double-hung windows because they build them for fuss-free maintenance. So go ahead and take advantage of the many benefits of this beautiful window style.

With regular care and proper maintenance, you and your family will enjoy clear views and clean ventilation from your double-hung windows. If you need guidance, call our team for help and advice on window maintenance.

Our team at North Shore Windows Inc is ready to serve you. We can help you renovate your property or offer products for new constructions. We have been serving this competitive niche for years, and we can offer advice on the best window styles that suit your property.

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