You want the design of your home to be timeless, but even a beautiful concept can benefit from some adjustments. If you are bored of how your home currently looks, feel free to make a change. A house facelift could end up working wonders for your property.

Tweaks big and small can significantly alter your home’s appearance. By the time you finish making them, you may be amazed by how wonderful your home looks.

In this article, we have detailed some of the ways you can go about changing the exterior appearance of your home. Check them out and see which options you feel will work best for your property.

Thoroughly Clean the Outside of Your Home

As a homeowner, you can go about enhancing the curb appeal of your home in different ways.

You may decide that making a big change is necessary, so you are looking to invest in some new fixtures and pieces of furniture. We will get more into those topics a bit later but suffice it to say that those major additions will indeed transform your home.

Still, you do not need to make such a big change in pursuit of freshening up your home’s appearance. Cleaning the outside of your home can go a long way towards achieving your goal.

Take a walk around the perimeter of your property and see which spots need cleaning. The chances are that your walkways may already have layers of dirt and debris. You may also have a deck or patio that has seen better days.

Simply cleaning those parts of your home exterior can make a significant difference.

Power washing your home exterior is an idea worth considering. You can try power washing yourself if you have the necessary equipment or hire a cleaning service.

According to Home Advisor, the average hourly rate if you are hiring a power washing service is $50 to $100 per crew member.

Of course, not all parts of your home can handle power washing. You will still need to do some manual cleaning to make sure your home exterior looks good as new.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint to Your Home

Playing around with colors is one way to significantly change the appearance of your home. With that in mind, it may be time for you to consider applying a fresh coat of paint.

You can start with your front door. Come up with a color that fits in with the look you want to achieve.

If you would rather not turn your front door into a spectacle, going with the classic color options makes sense. A freshly painted wooden door can be gorgeous, especially when the sunlight hits it right.

If you want to use this opportunity to give your home a different feel, you can choose a statement color for your front door. Anything bright is sure to grab the attention of people passing by.

Your front door is not the only part of your home that can benefit from a fresh coat of paint. You should look into painting the siding or your roof. Create a cohesive color scheme and improve your home’s curb appeal that way.

Pay Attention to the Minor Details of Your Outdoor Décor

Paying close attention to the minor details of your exterior home décor will be useful for improving curb appeal.

Once again, you can look to your front door to make a change. You may already have an elegantly crafted entry door, but you may be doing it a disservice by outfitting it with lackluster accessories. For instance, the door numbers you have installed may be old and weathered, and the hardware you are using may be woefully out of date.

The moment someone sees your front door in that condition, they may quickly develop a negative impression of your home. Update those elements of your outdoor décor to show that you are paying close attention to how your home looks.

Adding décor to your front door is also worth trying.

Seasonal decorations can be terrific additions to that part of your home. They also work great for refreshing your home décor throughout the year.

If you have a mailbox posted outside, you can also change that while you are transforming your property. Match the mailbox with your home décor to enhance your property’s curb appeal even further.

Cover Up Any Unsightly Features

A house facelift is not only about making additions that will elevate the appearance of your home. It is also about removing eyesores that have been dragging down the quality of your home décor.

One example of an eyesore that you should look into hiding is your electrical box. Your electrical box may be drawing unwanted attention while it is situated outside next to your front door. Given how big the box is, it will be difficult for visitors to ignore it.

Instead of letting that electrical box mess up your design, you should look to cover it up. Painting over it could help, but that may not suffice if the box is too big.

Another option is to hide the box under some new construction. Perhaps you can create a small compartment for the electrical box that blends in better with the rest of your décor.

Other disruptive elements may include water meters, sprinklers, or garbage containers. If you can, consider moving some things around, so they do not affect your décor.

Concealing those unsightly elements can make a big difference, so do not forget about them.

Install New Fixtures

Thus far, we have focused on making relatively minor changes to your home exterior. You do not need to limit yourself to that if you want a house facelift.

You can opt to replace your old fixtures if you want to give your home a new look.

Once again, you can start with your front door. Use the front door as the centerpiece of your revamped design.

If your home currently boasts a traditional design scheme, you can purchase a door inspired by modern aesthetics to change things up. You can also go from modern to traditional if that is what you prefer.

The sheer number of design options for front doors means you can try out different looks for your home exterior. Peruse your options until you find one that you love.

Do not stop at only swapping out your front door if your goal is to transform the appearance of your home exterior.

The windows also provide you with an opportunity to make some big changes.

Single or double-hung windows are great classic additions to your home. Sliding windows will help you recreate a more modern look. Those sliding windows will also come in handy if you want to improve ventilation inside your home.

Look through all your replacement window options until you find something that fits your vision perfectly.

Upgrade Your Front Porch

The front porch doubles as the welcoming area for many households. Neglecting it means you are not putting your best foot forward when you are welcoming guests. If you are serious about the house facelift, you need to improve that part of your property as well.

The size of your front porch will dictate what you can do with it.

Larger porches are easier to renovate. You can add a seating area to a large porch and instantly turn it into a more functional area. Install a fan, and you can transform it into a nice hangout spot.

Smaller porches do not provide as much freedom when it comes to customization, but you can still improve them. You can get some potted plants and use them to line the perimeter of your porch. The addition of greenery will instantly make your porch feel more pleasant and welcoming.

Create Pathways

Your yard may be laid out in such a way that it looks like one sprawling mass of greenery. The presence of greenery is fine, and it can even be good for your property overall. However, it can also take over your yard and prevent other elements of your home exterior from standing out.

Ideally, you want to create an area that greenery does not dominate. You can do that by creating pathways.

Carve out space for a walkway that stretches out from the curb to your front porch. By doing so, you can emphasize all the work you have put into decorating the front-facing portion of your home.

This article from shows how you can create your own walkway using some concrete mix, a manufactured form, and some basic tools.

Aside from a walkway, you can also lay down a driveway from the curb to your garage. Driveways are harder to install. You may need to enlist professional assistance for that.

Invest in Plants

We already touched on this a bit earlier but getting plants for your home is a great way to enhance its curb appeal. The great thing about using plants to improve your home’s appearance is that you can use them in different ways.

Let’s say that you have a walkway leading to your home. To enhance that, you can line the sides of the walkway with some flower beds. You can even plant flowers of different colors, so they pop even more.

Trees can also be great additions to the front portion of your home. Use them to frame your porch or draw attention to decorative elements on the second floor.

When a tree is in bloom, it can even be the centerpiece of your outdoor décor.

You should also integrate proper lawn care into your daily routine. Few things can drag down a home’s curb appeal as forcefully as a dead or damaged lawn. Take good care of your lawn if you want your home to look spectacular.

Set Up Some Outdoor Furniture

Some homeowners prefer not to do much with the space they have available outside. They would rather keep the yard empty, so they do not worry too much about its upkeep.

While the desire to avoid yard work is understandable, it can also be detrimental to your property. You may think of your empty yard as a minimalist statement, but others may regard it as a missed opportunity.

If you want to truly change your home exterior, you should consider setting up some outdoor furniture.

You will be amazed by how much of a difference arranging some pieces of furniture can make. Use the pieces of furniture to make your yard livelier and more welcoming.

Those furniture elements will work even better if you have a patio, or a fire pit located outside. Arrange the pieces of furniture around those fixtures to create an outdoor design scheme that will make a positive impression on your guests.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Now that you have invested so much in your exterior home décor, you need to show it off. Some new lighting fixtures should help you accomplish that goal.

Placement will be key when adding new lighting fixtures. You need them in the best spots so they can showcase your outdoor décor.

Consider adding some lights close to the walkway, so your home has that wow factor if you are having guests over for a dinner party. Installing wall-mounted lights is also a smart move because they provide illumination without being too harsh.

If you have trees nearby, you can use them to hold up some lights too. Hang some lights from the branches to create a warm ambiance. Arranging the lights that way also allows you to host dinner parties outside.

You may also have some old lighting fixtures that you are no longer using. Dust them off, change their bulbs, and start using them again because they can also be positive additions to your outdoor décor.

Do not allow your home’s exterior décor to grow dull and lifeless. Invest in a house facelift so your property will continue to be a shining example of what beautiful design can truly be.

Reach out to us at North Shore Window Inc. if you wish to improve your home’s curb appeal. We will provide new doors and windows that can be transformative additions to your home. Call us today or check out our website to learn more about our available products.

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