In search of a way to enhance your home’s curb appeal? Do not overlook your windows. Check out different exterior window trim options because they can give your home an entirely new design dimension.

Of course, choosing the right exterior trim for your window is easier said than done. You weigh different factors when making that decision to ensure you have the right option. The selection process can be tricky and that is why we want to help you out.

Use this article to identify the things that matter when selecting exterior window trim. Explore the available options until you find the one that fits your design scheme and preferences best.

Why Do You Need Exterior Window Trim?

Before we choose a window trim for your home, let’s first discuss why you need it in the first place. Is it worth your time and money to install exterior window trim?

The resounding answer to that question is “yes” and the following reasons highlight why that is the case.

Exterior Window Trim Offers Protection against the Elements

Windows give you a look at the outside world while simultaneously offering valuable protection. They give you convenient access to fresh air and the world outside.

Unfortunately, windows can also compromise the inside of your home once they get too worn down. Small gaps that form along the perimeter of your windows can allow moisture to seep into your home. Over time, excess moisture can damage your window frames and walls.

You can get replacement windows to address that problem, but you may not install them in time because the signs of damage are hard to notice early on. Window trim grants protection against that potential problem.

It keeps your walls safe and also stops unwanted moisture from entering your home. You should consider installing window trim for that reason alone.

Exterior Window Trim Improves the Appearance of Your Home

Homeowners must take advantage of the design opportunities that windows provide. To do that, they will need to install window trim.

Window trim frames those elements of your home perfectly. The trim allows your windows to stand out against the rest of your home. If you are looking for an easy enhancement to your curb appeal, installing or upgrading your window trim is the way to go.

You can use the trim to accentuate the design scheme you have going. Select trim that will further enhance your design scheme. Alternatively, you can select a type of trim that will provide some much-needed contrast.

If you want your home’s exterior décor to pop, you need to install proper window trim.

Exterior Window Trim Boosts Home Value

Given the benefits of exterior window trim, it should be no surprise that it is a valued element. It is a positive addition to your home.

Adding window trim is generally a good idea. That move makes even more sense if you intend to sell your home sometime in the future.

The presence of window trim will draw more attention to your property. You can sell it for a higher price, thanks to that element.

The Factors That Matter When Choosing Exterior Window Trim

To pinpoint the best choice for your home among the available exterior window trim options, you must consider a few important factors. These factors can affect the appearance and/or the performance of your windows. You need to consider them, or you might not make the right choice.

Those factors are the materials used for the window trim, the style you select, and the colors you choose. Let’s focus first on your material options and how they can affect your window trim.

Material Options for Your Exterior Window Trim

Choosing the right material for your window trim is a must. Your choice of material can affect the longevity and the appearance of the trim. It is something you need to get right.

Let’s take a closer look at your material options below.

Solid Wood

First off, you can choose solid wood for your exterior window trim.

Longevity is the main selling point of solid wood. It holds up remarkably well against the elements, so you can count on it to remain intact for a long time.

Solid wood also has a distinguished appearance. You do not need to modify it too much to make it look good.

The only real downside to selecting solid wood for your exterior trim is cost. This is probably the most expensive material you can choose for exterior trim. Get ready to spend big if you want it added to your home.

Finger-Jointed Wood

The cost of solid wood may be too high for your liking. In that case, why not look at a more reasonably priced alternative such as finger-jointed wood.

According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, finger-jointed wood is made from two high-grade pieces of wood extracted from low-grade lumber. They glue these two lengths of wood together to create the final product.

Finger-jointed wood bears a remarkable resemblance to solid wood. To the untrained eye, spotting any dissimilarities can be a real challenge.

Do note that finger-jointed wood may react differently to exposure because they still make it out of separate pieces. You can minimize that effect by protecting the finger-jointed wood properly.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is yet another budget-friendly alternative to solid wood. Examples of engineered wood include particleboard, hardboard, and chipboard.

They can process pieces of engineered wood before they send them over. That should cut down on the installation time.

Unfortunately, engineered wood is severely lacking in terms of versatility. You cannot do much with it other than install it.

If you want exterior trim that matches your design scheme, you may need to choose something different.

Fiber Cement

Fiber-cement trim is wood fiber and Portland cement and sand.

When it comes to durability, you can argue that fiber cement is the best option available. It even outdoes solid wood in that regard. Once you install your fiber-cement trim, you will not need to worry about it for a long time.

Of course, the installation process for fiber-cement trim is fairly troublesome. You will need professionals to handle it because it can be potentially hazardous. As long as you allow professionals to handle its installation, fiber-cement trim can be a terrific addition to your home.


Lastly, you can also choose vinyl as the trim for your exterior windows.

Vinyl is a more understated material. Vinyl trim works great for accenting your windows, but it will be lacking if you want it to be a focal point of your design.

You should also select vinyl if your home features a more modern aesthetic. It works well with that.

Make sure you already like the look of vinyl before you finalize your purchase. It is not a material you can easily customize, so you may be stuck with what you are originally buying.

Cost is also a concern with vinyl. This material can get pretty expensive. Ask about prices first before you proceed to order vinyl trim.

Style Options for Your Exterior Window Trim

After selecting the materials you want to use for your window trim, you should now consider what style you want to feature.

There are numerous trim style options for you to choose from. No one style is superior to the rest, but some options will fit your home better than others.

In this section, we will highlight some of the style options for exterior window trims. Go over them and see which one will work best on your home’s set of exterior windows.

Window Box

The window box is a great traditional option to show off your windows more. The addition of the box draws more attention to your window, and you can also use it to enhance your décor.

Fill up the box with some of your favorite flowers to create a more colorful scene. You can also use some old-fashioned shutters to round out the look of your new windows.

Minimalist Trim

Creating harmony between your exterior décor and your windows can be difficult because you selected something special for the former. Matching your new window trim with that may not be something you can do.

If matching up with your exterior décor is not an option, why not try blending your window trim into it instead.

Choose a minimalist trim that frames your window and does nothing else from an aesthetic standpoint. That is a great choice if you want the benefits of window trim without highlighting its appearance too much.

Flat Trim

Flat trim is similar to minimalist trim in that it does not get in the way of your décor too much. Or at least it can work that way. If you decide to use a bold color for your flat trim, it will stand out.

You will find that flat trim has become a popular choice for many homeowners today. It helps that this style works with any design scheme. You can go modern or traditional, and the flat trim will still fit.

Roof Extension Trim

Next up, you can choose a type of window trim that takes a cue from your home’s existing design elements. By choosing roof extension trim, you can create continuity between your roof and the rest of your exterior décor.

Roof extension trim is created by following the colors and designs used for your roof. Those featured elements are on your windows, so you have a visual match.

If you have already featured a look you like, there is no need to move away from it. Use roof extension trim to bolster that look you like.

Layered Trim

In contrast to the styles of trim we have already featured, layered trim does not shy away from being complex. Layered trim features an intricate design. It is eye-catching in a good way and it can elevate your home’s exterior décor.

Make sure you are hiring professionals to install the layered trim on your windows. You want them to install that trim carefully because it will be vulnerable to the elements otherwise.

Thick Frame Trim

You can also go with a thick frame trim if you want to change up the look of your home’s windows.

The important thing to remember with thick frame trim is that it works best as a complementary element. It is supposed to highlight the design elements that are already in place. Do not expect it to be the standout element of your exterior décor because it will be lacking if you judge it that way.

As long as you know what you are getting from thick frame trim, you should be pleased by how it pairs with the rest of your home.

Color Options for Your Exterior Window Trim

Selecting a color for your window trim is pretty straightforward. You cannot go wrong with choosing the colors you like as long as they make sense with the rest of your décor.

Create a cohesive design by either contrasting the colors of your décor or making them complementary. It is your call to make. Feel free to experiment with different colors until you find something you like.

How Much Will Exterior Window Trim Cost?

You cannot forget about the cost if you are thinking about installing exterior window trim.

According to Fixr, the cost of installing exterior window trim is $9 to $25 per linear foot. Unsurprisingly, you pay more for exterior trim compared to its interior counterpart.

Remember that the materials used and the style you selected will affect how much your new window trim will cost. Get a quote from your installers first, so you know exactly how much you will pay.

We at North Shore Window Inc. can handle all your window-related needs. Whether you are looking for new windows or interested in changing your exterior, we can help out. Contact us today if you want to redesign your exterior windows!

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