Otiima Aluminum Windows and Doors

Otiima Aluminum Windows and Doors


OTIIMA has taken the aluminum frame Luxury window and door market by storm! OTIIMA creates systems with a combination of quality and cutting-edge technology specializing in minimal frames and maximum views. Each window or door system is tailored to meet the highest requirements when it comes to design, comfort, and security.

Now more than ever, it is important to create a living space that brings the outdoors, in. With OTIIMA’s fusion system bringing the outdoors, in is virtually seamless! The fusion system is a sliding window without any visible profile with hidden headers, sills, and jambs. The western window system is fully integrated into the structure’s material leaving you with nothing but a view.

The OTIIMA fusion system also contains a gutter that drains large amounts of water so you can bring in the views of the outdoors without the harsh conditions or damage.

Otiima Aluminum Windows and Doors systems are unlike any other and designed with the industry’s top architects.

To learn more about OTIIMA contact North Shore Windows today or visit our Bridgehampton Showroom.

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