More Than Just Replacement Windows

More than just replacement windows… Transform your living space with increased sunlight and decreased site lines! Marvin windows have remarkable design and superior strength, bringing balance to your style and performance needs. A client contacted us looking to replace their outdated windows. The team at North Shore Window Inc. worked with them every step of the way. After job completion and seeing the final result here’s what they have to say,

“We were able move back upstairs in our house this weekend with the new windows installed and the painting complete. Before the work, we thought we were spending a lot to end up with the same visual result.  But the new windows are much nicer, and the narrower muntins make a world of difference from the inside looking out.”

Replacing your windows doesn’t have to be complicated. We can help you understand what to expect, help select the perfect product, and work with your builder or connect you to a builder who will properly measure, and correctly install your new windows to leave you with your upgraded space.


Contact us today to inquire about transforming your space and replacing your windows!

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